April 2018 – Xing’s colicin CFPS paper was accepted for publication in Synthetic Biology.
– Kuili passed Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam. Congratulations!

March 2018 – Two papers were published in Nature-based journals.

Kuili’s first paper studying dual-species biofilm interaction is published in Scientific Reports!

CFPS genome engineering working with Jewett lab is published in Nature Communications!

– Xing, Kuili, and Mengya present their research results at the AIChE Midwest Regional Conference 2018 at IIT.

February 2018 – Xing passed Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam. Congratulations!

January 2018 – Srinidhi, Moksha, and Alejandro join the lab for biofilm engineering studies.

October 2017 – Prof. Hong presents dual biofilm research at AIChE 2017, Minneapolis, MN.
– Mengya passed Master’s Thesis Defense. Congratulations!

September 2017 – Alex continues his research through the Fall 2017 PURE R&D program.
– Jiacheng, Kumar, and Xinhao join the lab.

August 2017 – Prof. Hong presents dual biofilm research (invited) at UKC 2017, Washington, D.C.

July 2017 – Prof. Hong teaches 7-9th-grade students at the Hanul Summer Science Camp.
– Shweta and Alex present their Summer research progress at Armour R&D Expo.

June 2017 – Prof. Hong presents at ASM Microbe 2017, New Orleans, LA.

May 2017 – Shweta and Alex join the lab through Armour R&D Summer Research Immersion Program.

April 2017 –  Kuili passed the preliminary exam. Congratulations!
– Sung Min presents his research at Armour R&D Expo and at CAURS 2017.

March 2017 – Prof. Hong presents at ASM MICC 2017, Washington, DC.

February 2017 – Kuili, Xing, Mengya, Inwha, and Sung Min present at AIChE Midwest Regional Conference 2017 at UIC.

January 2017 – Sung Min continues his persister cell research through the Spring 2017 PURE R&D program.

November 2016 – Vesna presents her research at Armour R&D Expo.

September 2016 – Vesna continues her research through the Fall 2016 PURE R&D program.

August 2016 – Undergraduates Brian, Nathan, and Sung Min join the lab.
Vesna presents her research at Armour R&D Expo.

May 2016 – Kuili joins the lab as a graduate student.
– Vesna joins the lab as a researcher of the Summer 2016 PURE R&D program.

April 2016 – Xing passed the preliminary exam. Congratulations!

January 2016 – Inwha, Mengya, and Xing join the lab as graduate students.
– Olga, Bader, and Pujan join the lab as undergraduate researchers.

August 2015 – Hong lab is open. Our research includes biofilm engineering, cell-free protein synthesis, and their applications.